Catholic Services Appeal


The theme for our Catholic Services Appeal, the CSA, is the call from Pope Francis to Holiness, a call to Discipleship.  Indeed, the Holy Father teaches that by living with love and offering Christian witness in our daily tasks that we are all truly called to become “Saints.” 

Through prayerful listening, we begin to hear God calling us to use our time, talent, and treasure as an expression of discipleship to help build His kingdom on earth.  Every parish in our “mission” diocese has goals, priorities, and a need for resources.  By striving to become Saints, we have within us the power to make a difference in our parish, our communities, and our world. 

Without exception, the works of the CSA touch every parishioner. Whether promoting vocations, educating our future priests, providing lay ministry formation, teaching, evangelizing, providing outreach to youth, young adults and those in need, diocesan ministries reach beyond the ability of any single parish to support.  It is the work that Christ has entrusted to us to advance the mission of His Church. Pope Francis' Vision for the Catholic Church is clear. He calls us to do more and to rise from our inactivity, putting our faith in action.

The many ministries funded by the CSA enable the
Church to be your “visible” face of the Father right here
in northern Wisconsin.



Where does the Appeal Money Go?
Over thirty crucial programs, services and ministries assist parishes throughout our 16 county Diocese. These can only be made possible through your steady and generous contributions to the annual Catholic Services Appeal.

When you contribute to the CSA you help families, young adults, senior citizens, student, and the entire parish.

  • to sponsor multiple programs for youth and lay ministry,
  • to advocate in many ways for the protection of life in our society,
  • to care for the handicapped, elderly and less fortunate,
  • to encourage candidates for the priesthood, and befriend seminarians,
  • to enable seminarians, deacons and lay leaders to complete their education,
  • to help parishes receive assistance in seeking grants for many ministries and building projects,
  • to provide faith support for college students in the Newman Centers on college campuses,
  • to provide for the education of children andyouth in our Religious Education and our Catholic School Systems,
  • to provide parish assistance in administration, management, and fundraising.
  • to help married couples strengthen their bonds.
  • to help congregations so that they can experience new vitality in their worship.
  • And so very much more.

"You are the visible face of the invisible Father...."

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