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Fr. Jerry will continue recording Sunday Mass which will be recorded at the 4:00 pm Saturday Mass and can be found on Holy Family's YouTube channel.

Messages from Fr. Jerry

Letter on racism

  Back in 1979 the U.S. Catholic Bishops issued a pastoral letter on racism.  It was called: "Brothers and Sisters to Us".  It begins with this paragraph:
Racism is an evil which endures in our society and in our Church.  Despite apparent advances and even significant changes in the last two decades, the reality of racism remains.  In 1958 we spoke out against the blatant forms of racism that divided people through discriminatory laws and enforced segregation.  We pointed out the moral evil that denied persons their God-given rights.  A decade later in a second pastoral letter we again underscored the continuing scandal of racism and called for decisive action to eradicate it from our society. We recognize and applaud the readiness of many Americans to make new strides towards reducing and eliminating prejudice against minorities. We are convinced that the majority of Americans realize that racial discrimination is both unjust and unworthy of this nation.
   Those words remain applicable to our day some forty years later.  The events surrounding the death of George Floyd have heightened our awareness of racism as an ongoing reality even in the midst of the COVID 19 crisis and the economic fallout resulting from stay at home orders and the business shutdowns that are beginning to be relaxed.
   I hope and pray that all of us fall into the category of people lauded in the 1979 pastoral letter who: "realize that racial discrimination is both unjust and unworthy of this nation".  If, however, you find in your mind and heart bias, prejudice, stereotypes, inherent distrust, or other forms of racist beliefs and attitudes that you take this opportunity to reflect on the sin of racism, the denial of human dignity that it represents, and to remember the intrinsic value of all people created by God in the Divine Image and Likeness and loved and redeemed by God's Son Jesus Christ. 
God bless you;  Fr. Jerry

Jamie Klappa, Faith Formation

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Thursday Story Time with Fr. Jerry

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If you were my bunny:

The story of Ferdinand:

Jesus the healer:


Music and Liturgy



Welcome Back to

Holy Family Mass in a Time of Covid-19

Adoration Chapel




Hearing assist sets are available for use at Mass. Please provide your own ear buds, which can be purchased at stores such as Walmart or can be purchase at Holy Family for $12.00.  If interested, please call the office at 715-356-6284.

Place the sets in the “used” basket when you are done and take your earbuds with you.


Word & Communion Service

Word and Communion Service during Covid-19
This is a reminder that Word and Communion Service on Mondays will resume at a later date. We do not know when it will start up, but when the diocese makes the decision to open them up again, we will let you know. At this time priests and  deacons are asked to do the liturgical services. We appreciate your understanding and patience. Thank you to our lay leaders of prayer, also, who will hopefully soon be leading the Monday Word and Communion.

Reopening of Holy Family

Let us celebrate and praise God!

The time has come to once again gather and worship together!

 Welcome Back! We will have our first weekend of Masses beginning June 13th and 14th. Our times will remain as follows; Saturday: 4:00 pm; Sunday: 8:00 and 10:00 am.   We are allowed to have 25% of our total capacity of the main worship area, which means 200 parishioners per Mass. Due to the seating guidelines to maintain the 6’ distance, it may be slightly less. Families that live in the same household may sit together and do not need to maintain the social distance rule.

We are encouraging all adults to please wear a mask when you attend Mass.

We are asking that if you are displaying any signs of illness, (temp. of 100.4 degrees, cough, headache, sore throat, shortness of breath, etc…), or have underlying health issues, that you refrain from attending Mass to protect yourself and others. The bishop is encouraging those of the vulnerable age of 65+ to remain home and continue to celebrate Mass virtually as you have been.

Bishop Power’s dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass as well as the obligation to receive Holy Communion remains in force till further notice.

On the first weekend back at Holy Family, you will notice some changes. The Diocese of Superior, with our best interest and safety in mind, have a few guidelines we need to follow when we come together to worship. We will be sanitizing the worship area between each Mass, which will take extra time, thus no 9:30 Mass on Sunday.

Please read below so that you will be better prepared when you arrive.

 Seating: You will be seated by ushers every third pew and six feet apart from non-household members. Those from the same household need no separation when seated. We will start seating in the front of the church and work to the back of the church and by sections. For dismissal, you will be ushered out starting in the back of the church working towards the front and again by sections. This will be similar to a wedding. We would appreciate your patience as this is new to the volunteer ministers too. It may take a couple weeks to “iron out the wrinkles”.

Come early to get a front row seat!

Communion: Please follow the ushers as you go forward to receive. Keep your mask on and use hand sanitizer before you come forward to receive communion. You may only receive on the palm with your hand stretch out so the distributers will not inadvertently touch you. We will continue to NOT use the common cup as before. Once you receive, step aside, lower your mask, take the host, and put your mask back up. Don’t forget to maintain a distance of 6 feet from the person in front of you, unless you’re from the same household.

Music: You will notice that all hymnals, papers, and pencils have been removed. We will have an accompanist and cantor at each Mass for music. The diocese has asked that there be NO choirs or congregational singing at this time. Denise will try not to schedule the hymn, “How Can I Keep from Singing”.

Offertory Collection: We will not be collecting the offering by passing baskets. In the back of the church on a table there will be two baskets to place your offering in. One for the regular, (1st), collection as you enter and another for the second collection as you exit. They will be marked accordingly.

We will continue to NOT hold hands during The Lord’s Prayer.

The following are changes to shorten the Mass to help limit exposure time:

We will not be doing the “Sign of Peace”.

The gifts will not be brought forward.

We will recite the Mass parts instead of singing them.

In order to have time to sanitize the church between Masses on Sunday morning, we are temporarily suspending the 9:30 outdoor Mass. If it rains, that Mass would need to be inside, which doesn’t give enough time to sanitize between the Masses. We apologize for the disappointment, but remember, all of this is short term and for the health and wellbeing for all parishioners and visitors.








  • Sun, Aug 9th

  • Sun, Aug 2nd

Additional Information


Please call Holy Family Catholic Church (715-356-6284) on Monday's and leave your name and number on ext.168 or ext.155.   We will return your call within a day.  This is a very hard time for many and we will assist you where we can.


CONTRIBUTIONS: can be made to:
“Franciscan Compassion Fund” and sent to
Holy Family Catholic Church 8950 County Rd J. Woodruff 54568
Attention “Franciscan Compassion Fund “
Here is the playlist of inspirational music by Susan Meyers.  New songs have been added.
We have also created a playlist of all of the Masses we have recorded.  They will play from newest to oldest.  Better than anything on Netflix!
Are you in the mood for a good children’s story?  Please take a look at this playlist called “Storytime with Father Jerry.”  These videos don’t show on the parish YouTube channel since they need to be kept unlisted based on copyright laws, but anyone at any age can watch them.  


Outreach Ministry


Fr. Jerry Letter 4.3.20 Letter #3

Fr. Jerry's Holy Thursday

Fr. Jerry's Good Friday


Letter from Fr. Jerry #2

Fr. Jerry's Easter Vigil


Letter from Fr. Jerry #1

Nancy McCabe, Parish Administrator Nancy is sharing Pope Francis' words to us on Earth Day and Corona Virus.4/22



Pope Francis' words to us on Earth Day and Corona Virus 4/22


If you have not heard Andrea Bocelli this past weekend, I invite you to watch:

"Andrea Bocelli Live from Duomo di Milano's - bringing a message of hope, love, healing to Italy and the world."

          Nancy McCabe




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