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Holy Family Catholic Church

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Saturdays 4:00 PM
Sundays 8:00 AM & 10:00 AM

Monday 8:30 AM Word and Communion
Tuesday-Friday 8:30 AM Mass

Saturdays 9:00 - 9:30 AM
Saturdays 3:00 - 3:30 PM
Communal Penance in Advent & Lent

Monday-Thursday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Friday-8:00AM- 2:00PM

The Eucharistic Chapel is accessible 24/7 from the outside via a key pad operated entrance from about mid April through November 1. To learn the key pad code please call 715-356-6284

Dangerous ice and snow conditions prevent 24/7 access from November 2 through mid April.






Message from Fr. Jerry




A group called the Christophers had a wonderful motto.  It went: It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.  There is much darkness in our world -- crime, inflation, high energy prices, and sin.  It is easy to complain.  But we need to be the light of Christ -- bringing hope, acting in love, and working for practical solutions to make things better.  No suffering is beyond God's grace.




Father Jerry Hagen



Coordinator of Liturgical Ministries
Could this be your calling?
Holy Family is seeking a part-time Coordinator of Liturgical Ministries to support our liturgical and music needs.  The coordinator will work closely with Holly Spiegelhoff, Director of Liturgy and Music.  The flexible schedule is variable but will likely average 15-20 hours per week.  Benefits included as provided for in our diocese personnel policies for part-time employees.  Contact Holly (ext. 162; [email protected]) for more information.

Daily Mass Live Stream Begins At 8:25 AM, Tuesday through Friday

Weekend Mass Live Stream Begins at 3:55 PM on Saturdays

“Holy Moments” Advent Reflections

Holy Moments Reflection (Second Week of Advent)

Dear Holy Family,

I hope you are enjoying your Advent season reading of Matthew Kelly’s Holy Moments.  In my continued reading, the way Matthew describes the impact on our lives that our choices have prompted me to reflect.  He urges that we make “easy” choices, ones that are powerful and will have a positive impact.  (For me, some of those choices haven’t always been easy!)  As we await the coming of our Lord this season, perhaps we can glance back at our lives and reflect on the choices we’ve made -- the ones that we are rightly proud of, ones that we cherish, ones that hold the seeds of goodness.  As Matthew points outs, those are our Holy Moments!  He cites the choice made by the Good Samaritan as a shining example of such a Holy Moment, and then challenges us to ponder: are our hearts inclined toward the needs of others?  Or are they leaning away from others?

Do you have a reflection from Holy Moments to share?  Please visit our Holy Family blog, Points of Light, and join the conversation. On our parish website, click on “Points of Light” at the top of the home page. 


May His kingdom come, 


PS - If you didn’t receive a copy of Holy Moments and would like one, please let me know.  We may have you covered! 

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