First Eucharist Family Information

Your child's First Eucharist is an important and exciting time for your family.  This sacrament will bring them closer to God through the Eucharist.

To prepare for your child's First Eucharist, we will be using the Dynamic Catholic Sacrament Preparation program, Blessed.

This program has a lot of benefits for your family - 

  • It is designed for a second grade student.
  • The content is relevant to today's world.
  • The material is presented through both a set of videos (that are easily accessible online) and a workbook you can work on with your child.
  • The videos are animated and contain a child's perspective, so that should make them more engaging for your child; they are appropriate for all the children in your household.
  • The workbook is designed like a story book for children with amazing illustrations that catch the eye of children.
  • You (the parent/guardian) get to teach your child about the Eucharist and why we are getting the sacraments.  
Because you will be working through the book and videos at home with your child, the parent meetings will be minimized.  As you watch the videos and read the book, there is a video log to accompany the work you are doing at home.  Please have both you and your child sign (or initial) the video log as you watch the videos and work through the text book.  Once a session has been completed, bring that page into class as we will be tracking our progress in class.
Extra video logs are below: