Catechist Resources

Online Resources for Catechists

Diocese of Superior - There are a lot of resources (faith formation related) for catechists including diocese curriculum, resources for catechists, events for catechists, newsletters, and the forming effective disciples (Echoes of Faith - the online certification for catechists).

The Religion Teacher - This website has many ideas for teaching faith in the classroom.  There are free handouts and ideas for catechists.

Loyola Press - This site has a lot of teaching resources as well as alternate curriculum for special needs children.

Be My Disciples - Here is the book used in conjunction to the Superior Diocese curriculum.

Discover Your Neighbor (formerly Maryknoll) - This site is good for worldviews/world perspectives. Helps the kids connect with the needs of other communities and countries.  

Sophia Institute for Teachers - This website has some good “sketch” videos regarding the sacraments.  It ties together the historical/biblical perspective with the current day traditions.

Praying the Rosary – Dynamic Catholic - This very nice website walks you through how to pray the rosary and has a very nice visual that connects the prayers with the beads on the rosary.  The site also lists all the prayers necessary to pray the rosary.

LifeWay Explore the Bible and LifeWay Bible Skills for Kids - These websites have many resources for teaching the bible to kids.  Some resources are free, others are paid for.  Good collection of information all in one place for bible learning.

Catholic Blogs

Catholic Icing - Good crafts/hands on activities for kids.   You need to subscribe to have access to all her resources, but easy to do and no spam or junk email.

Little Miss Catechist: Adventures in Teaching - This website is good for the younger grades.  There are some amazing resources and ideas for teaching the younger grades.