Matters of Faith: My faith is just not what it once was

My faith is just not what it once was - How do I become an active Catholic again?  - My children won't go to church  - My parents won't take me to mass  - Why get confirmed?  - I would like to become a Catholic

My faith is just not what it once was.

Belief in god is always first God's gift to us - to me. In other words, God chooses us; we do not "choose" God. That simple statement helps explain why it is easy for us to feel guilty that "we do not pray as much as we should," that "I am not as close to God as I want," that "I should go to church more often."

Of course, we don't like to feel guilty - and guilt is hardly a reason on which to build a relationship with God!

So let's lay aside the guilty feelings to examine instead other deeper feelings that often spring up at various times. We often feel a longing for God. we want to know more - about God, about Church, about ourselves. We want to be better toward others and toward ourselves. We desire deeper meaning in our lives. The list goes on. All these urges are from and of God. And they are leading us in the right direction. We also have the gift of choice to follow these inclinations. That looking back to a time when our faith seemed stronger is most often an invitation to take a next step forward to a deeper commitment to faith - and always, always with God's help.