Matters of Faith: My parents won't take me to mass

My faith is just not what it once was - How do I become an active Catholic again?  - My children won't go to church  - My parents won't take me to mass  - Why get confirmed?  - I would like to become a Catholic

My parents won't take me to mass.

First, ask. Respectfully, as politely as you know how. Even try asking again. If work schedules or car availability is an issue, perhaps another trusted relative, family friend, or parent of a friend might be happy to provide a ride to church with your parent's permission.

If these options don't succeed, it might be time to ask for an opportunity when you can sit down for a conversation, to hear from your parent or parents what their feelings are about attending church, or allowing you to attend, and for your parents to hear why it is important to you.

If all else fails, do not lose your desire, continue to pray about the matter, talk to your religion teacher or to another trusted teacher about your feelings. Be assured that your relationship to God is what matters most and that a day will come when you will be able to attend on your own terms