Matters of Faith: I would like to become a Catholic

My faith is just not what it once was - How do I become an active Catholic again?  - My children won't go to church  - My parents won't take me to mass  - Why get confirmed?  - I would like to become a Catholic

I would like to become a Catholic.

A program called the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a series of classes (about nine months) offered for those adults (over 18) who are considering becoming Catholic, are interested in learning more about our Catholic faith, are Catholics wishing to be confirmed, or are Catholics desiring a refresher on various topics about their faith. The program begins in the fall of the year and concludes at Easter. A confirmed Catholic sponsor provides a special relationship for the participant during the process.

More than anything, the program helps the individual to develop a keen appreciation for the gift of faith and an ever deepening understanding of what a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and with the Bible is all about.

We offer an exciting RCIA program that features the most dynamic writings from both ancient and contemporary Church authors as well as excerpts from the speeches of Pope Francis. Call 715-356-6284, ext 6 for information.