Pastoral Council

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The pastoral council, which consists of appointed and elected parishioners, focuses on the big picture work of the parish.  It focuses on pastoral concerns and a vision for parish ministry. It engages in ongoing strategic planning and evaluating current programming.  It establishes overall priorities for developing ministries and using staff resources.  It does not involve itself in temporal affairs of daily administration. 

Members need to have prior experience in Church ministry.  They act on behalf of the larger parish community as a whole and not at as a representative of a particular constituency.  

Bob Beaurain, Chairperson 715-617-9136
Lisa Coon, Member 715-614-0250
Jerry Hagman, Member 715-356-5964
Ronald Hitz, Member 715-358-7734
Joyce Kontyko, Member 715-617-3121
Michelle Martin, Member 715-297-1617
Mimi Miklautsch, Member 715-356-3271
Sr. Elizabeth Amman, Finance Chair,   Ex-officio Member 715-358-0176
John Zwers, Trustee, Ex-officio Member 715-356-4408
Fr. Aaron Devett, Pastor 715-356-6284, ext. 3